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Shake! Shimmy! Sweat! ...where the swamp meets, and sometimes invades, the slope...

10,000 sqft of gym space / 5,000 sqft of event space

A telling YELP review of BLINK PARK SLOPE : 12/3/2017

Has high hope for this location but it fails on many levels, will go to back to boerum hill which is better or sunsetpark when it opens. Not coming back unless I have no choice, go to another blink location.

Management sucks. Why? The staff doesn't want to be there especially one of the semi tall tan guy who is by the front desk. Just notupbeat or friendly.

Just terrible staff some of them.

Often dirty bathrooms, floors, sinks The staff doesn't care to maintain it. toilet always has crap or pee stains or unflushed

Horrendous plumbing issues. The shower pressure is literally a mist, the water takes 15 minutes to get lukewarm. The toilet have weak flushing power, very flawed plumbing.

The layout of the gym is 3 floors but very cramped hallway leading downstairs to changing room. It is the artic pole during the fall summer time , too cold in the locker room.

They close early random times & the staff literally kicks everyone out on the dot at closing. They seem to have annoying side random events there which makes them close at random times as well.

The location & building is terrible as there is no good restaurants, coffee or shops nearby, just unhealthy delis

This future Gowanus Club Location generously provided by the :

criminal actions of Jeffrey Simpson of Greystone and Referee Gregory Cerchione and the failures to act by: Greystone/Equinox/Blink (Stephen Rosenberg, Lisa Schwartz, Jeffrey Simpson, Elie Gabay, Jonathan Russel, Bill Miller, Todd Magazine, Dos Condon, Ashley Anderson) and Old Republic Title & PNC Bank( Bill Broekof, Sam Carlisi, Debbie Leonard, Gary Bregman, Teri Gallagher, Richard Johnson, William Demchak, Gregory Jordan, Joseph Rockey, Christi Davis).

... who have been aware of Blink's collection of your monies absent any ethical right for months, and in some cases, more than one year.

  • CHANGED NewsTalk PROJECT TO : CoffeeTalk

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